Voted Best Business Lunch 2014 by Avenue Magazine, co-owners Executive Chef Harry Griesser and Restaurant Manager Markus Aschauer have been in the business for years. Specializing in craft beer, European Specialties and hosting events, the Big Rock Grill has a welcoming environment for all of your lunch, event or catering needs. This winning team has a passion for creating exceptional dishes, helping organize events and parties, and welcoming customers through their doors.


Events are what Big Rock does best. Our Chef and Catering Manager work together to create the perfect ambiance and menu for you and your guests. Whether it’s a fundraiser, wedding reception, office party or milestone event, Big Rock has you covered. We provide you with the decorations, custom menu and music so that you don’t have to lift a finger, except to eat our delicious food.


Open from 11-2:30pm during the week, the Big Rock Grill is the ideal spot to enjoy your lunch break. Serving delicious European Specialties, our kitchen runs quickly to get you back to your day on time. Don’t want to sit down for lunch with us? Come in and grab a savoury pie to go for your entire office! Our online ordering system is here to speed up your lunch ritual and let you enjoy your lunch break with great food on-the-go!